Rocersa launches a trendsetting new 25x75 format, in addition to an extensive new catalogue filled with design ideas

IMGP5509 Rocersa has revamped its tile range, embarking on a new stage in decoration and interior design. The company has just launched a new catalogue of collections, filled with a myriad of ideas conceived to meet consumer demands, tastes and requirements. Rocersa’s main new novelty is its 25x75 red-body wall tile format. Designed to meet professional needs, it exemplifies the veteran tile manufacturer’s vocation to serve. Thanks to its cutting-edge manufacturing plant, Rocersa has developed a versatile, easy-to-handle, competitive product, breaking new ground in home design. Part of Rocersa’s new catalogue is devoted to marble-effect tiles, with patterns in a gloss or matt finish that faithfully reflect the beauty of genuine marble. Thanks to the latest advances in digital printing and R&D and innovation, amazing new visual effects have been achieved that stand out for their originality. Actea, Imperiale and Salamina are three series that encapsulate marble’s sober elegance and natural beauty, reinterpreted by Rocersa by adding its own personal hallmark and expertise. All three come with décors and relief effects to ensure broader decorative potential. For more minimalist tastes, Rocersa has come up with Look and System: two series with the watchword on rationalism and simplicity, without relinquishing in-vogue trends. Look stands out for its relief patterns and contrasting tiles, while System heralds a new concept in cement effects. Reflect is a more avant-garde, contemporary option, with a design that stands out for its gentle colours, high gloss shine and relief patterns, concepts also featured in the Progress series. Lastly, Rocersa’s expertise and skill as a tile manufacturer are embodied in two high-tech products, based on complex processes used to amazing, eye-catching effect. Nomad is a trend-setting series with a lacquered wood appearance, while the porcelain tile series Tundra has taken wood’s unique features as its inspiration to create embedded puzzles in endless variations and shapes. The outcome is warm, elegant, ingeniously original and ever changing. Available with matching porcelain floor tiles in a 47x47 or 60x60 format, all Rocersa’s collections push back the boundaries in tile design. At the last edition of the Italian tile show, Cersaie, they made a huge impact on professionals from the European Union and from emerging countries.